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Part mind reader, part magician, all virtuoso. Cathy seems to read your mind and create a visual image of everything you wanted and everything you didn’t even know you needed. I’ve worked with Cathy on two occasions, first to get me set up with a killer website and then to refresh the website to better reach my target audience.  On both occasions she exceeded my expectations and was always three steps ahead of me! I would hire Cathy again in a heartbeat! 

Tracy Akresh Stone - Executive Coach and Business Owner

It is incredible to work with a partner who takes dreams and makes them real.  Without Cathy, I’d still be dreaming – with nothing real to point to.  With Cathy, in two quick months, two of my dreams are now real.


Cathy leads with positive, can-do energy and then follows that up with making-it-happen results. I give her full credit for guiding me through this process, stepping in to offer ideas in places I found to be really challenging, and encouraging me to explore new approaches. 

Carolyn Tilden, Founder

CataQuest Consulting

Catherine helped us enhance our branding and antiquated website. She was extremely professional, listened, was knowledgeable around best in class attributes; researched our industry and competitors; was flexible when it came to “what we didn’t like”; wasn’t shy about pushing back when we needed to hear what we needed to hear vs simply agreeing to move the process along; worked within our budget and time constraints and ultimately created  a first class brand refresh and website that will be easy to update as necessary and met all of our objectives.


Most of all she was a pleasure to work with. 


Fred D. Campobasso, Managing Partner

Medicus Development Partners

Cathy has a truly unique ability to blend business strategy, creative vision and technical savvy.


In three months Cathy brought to life a vision I had been attempting to make real for three years!

After investing time and money with two others, I was frustrated and ready to “live with” a website that neither communicated my brand nor provided me with a digital marketing platform. Fortunately, instead of living with what I had, I decided to hire Cathy.


I can’t speak highly enough about Cathy.  Not only does she get things done, she does it in a way that makes it fun and, dare I say, easy. Cathy is truly extraordinary at what she does.

Donna Richards-Muriel, Founder

MERGE Leadership Solutions

I worked with Cathy on my website design, and was amazed at how she was able to take my vague ideas (The only real direction I had was "Make it warm but professional") and turn them into something beautiful and effective. She also helped streamline the copy and offered excellent advice on how to break it up to make it more readable.


Best of all, she was available, responsive, and never made me feel as if my hundreds of questions were a nuisance. I wholeheartedly recommend her!


Meryl Schwarz, M.A., M.Ed.

Certified Professional Coach

Cathy truly specializes in bringing business visions to reality!  She is an excellent partner and is not only fast but creative.  I would definitely recommend her services if you need a website created or updated.  She is easy to work with and very dedicated to her clients.  

Shari Barth, Founder


Cathy’s has an extraordinary ability to create meaningful experiences that leave a lasting impression on attendees and a  profound ability to turn a 30-minute conversation into a vision which then becomes a reality beyond your wildest expectation.  What I found most impressive and remarkable in working with her was the genuine passion and care with which she approached every touch point throughout the life cycle of the project.


Cathy wasn’t just a contractor supporting a project – she was emotionally and mentally committed as a true member of the team.  That level of dedication translated to success not only to the project itself, but added to the culture of the organization, the strength of the team, and the integrity of our brand. 

Parham Eftekhari, Sr. Fellow & Founder

Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

Cathy, has helped us complete projects and business that we have been unable to accomplish on our own for years. In 60 days, she was able to help us strategize, plan, and execute against 3 important business initiatives that has strengthened our brand and increased our exposure.

Liz Mannion, Partner

VERUS Practice Integration

Cathy, I wanted to thank you for everything. I expressed this to our Founder, but want to express it to you as have been such a wonderful addition to the team. You bring so much to the table, and have enabled us to already take our game to the next level. It is so comforting to have you as part of the team, and I'm beyond excited thinking about what the next year has it store for us!

Jessica Renaud, Director of Programs

ICIT-Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

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