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We work together

to bring our unique skill set into play for each project

We are multi-passionate business women and marketers with over 25 years of Director level experience. It fuels us to use our unique skills and unstoppable mindset to help other small businesses and professionals thrive, not just survive, in today’s highly competitive world.

As entrepreneurs, small business owners and contractors ourselves, we know first-hand the challenges faced. Limited resources, lack of time, money, and too many conflicting priorities that zap focus and attention on the important marketing activities that are essential to growing a business. We also know that those who do not grow and transform with the fast changing and complex times can become obsolete or left behind.


We will come to your project with something we have worked tirelessly to perfect, and that we love to do, resulting in you getting the best possible expertise and experience possible.

Our goal, our passion and our work is to help other small businesses and professionals compete and stand out against the big brands, in a flexible, affordable and cost-effective way.


It’s time to go big, create impact and elevate your business to the next level.


We Can Do More Together

Cathy Squeo

Cathy is a multi-passionate businesswoman, entrepreneur and marketer with 25 years of Director level experience. Comfortable at wearing many hats, she moves easily from vision & strategy to implementation & analysis, and is always ready to roll up her sleeves and take on any project, head on. Using her trademark skills of innovation, creativity, and an upbeat, can-do attitude, she helps small businesses achieve their business goals and objectives where ROI is a key driving force. She is skilled in all phases of businesses from strategy, design, planning and management; from consulting with clients, developing initial ideas and concepts to managing all facets of implementation, to analysis and debriefs. You will find she is a solutions-driven thinker with entrepreneurial spirit and a flair for taking the ordinary and developing an extraordinary angle or solution to every project.

Her track record includes the successful start-up of and revitalization of numerous small businesses from the ground floor, with direct responsibilities for all areas of sales, marketing, operations & business development. 

Catherine has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Finance. She enjoys food, wine, cooking, travel, learning new skills, deep conversations, and live cultural experiences.

Liv Moore

Liv is our social media savant. She has worked in corporate growing large brands and locally expanding small businesses. You'll commonly hear her say "aesthetic is everything". Having cohesive branding, a complementary color-scheme and beautiful content is Liv's passion. Armed with stellar content ideas, killer copywrite and a mind for analytics, Liv is ready for whatever comes her way. 

With a Bachelors in public relations and a Masters in digital communication analytics, Liv knows how to take your social media platforms from drab to fab. Backing her strategy with analytical data is Liv's suit of armor when headed into social and marketing planning. She has worked extensively with influencers and has experience organizing campaigns with Kendra Scott, Ordinary Skincare and  many other brands. 

In her free time, Liv enjoys hiking, kayaking and a good cup of coffee. Contact us today to learn more about working with Liv and the Statement team!

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